Where did this come from?

What is ReEnginee.red?

ReEnginee.red was inspired by libre.solar, an effort to create open hardware, firmware, and software for renewable-energy nanogrids.

Our vision is to see a world where communities are more self-reliant, resilient and capable.

Our efforts are a little more broad-focussed. We would like to focus on utility systems beyond electric grids, and we would like to focus on utility systems at the community-level, rather than at the individual level.

We’re working toward similar goals in that we will:

  • Be using hardware developed by libre.solar
  • Be focussed on sustainable engineering and renewable resources
  • Be developing open source hardware, firmware, and software

We’re different in that we will:

  • Be working on community-scale hardware (AC microgrids vs DC nanogrids)
  • Be opinionated (choose technologies that meet project needs and go, not being worried about including everything and the kitchen sink)
  • Be focussed on systems beyond simply electricity