About ReEnginee.red

Our world is changing. As climate change runs roughshod over our planet, our communities need to develop tools and techniques for organizing and developing locally. What would our towns, cities, regions look like with more resilient, locally run, locally controlled systems? What if we had resilient, smart electric grids, running on renewable energy? What if we sourced clean drinking water without massive distribution networks?

ReEnginee.red is about reengineering our utilities– the electric grid, water distribution systems, and more, to support decentralization. ReEnginee.red is a project for developing open source, free-to-use hardware, software, systems, and techniques for decentralized, reliable utility grids.

Our primary goal is to provide opinionated, working systems for these grids.

Opinionated Systems

What do we mean when we say “Opinionated Systems”? It means that we won’t spend out time debating and implementing the best possible solutions to the problems we’re trying to solve. We’ll apply solutions that are “good enough,” and provide open platforms that can be modified and expanded when better solutions are available. This means our hardware won’t work with every protocol, ever system, or every other device out there.

Systems We Want to Target

What utility grids will we be initially building for?

Electric Grids

We want to build sustainable, smart, decentralized micro-grids. Think neighborhood-to-town scaled. At the individual house level, libre.solar is doing incredible work developing battery charging system and maximum-power-point tracking systems for solar arrays. We want to go one step further- AC micro-grids. This requires custom firmware for the devices made by libre.solar, along with flexible, scalable AC inverters, and software and algorithms that can coordinate between multiple generating and consuming households.

Developments to meet this goal include:

Water Systems

Water security is critical to a functioning society. Over the next 100 years, precipication will increase over the eastern and southern US, parts of Europe, parts of Africa, and parts of Asia. We want to build systems to increase self-sufficiency and water security, no matter what changes come.

Initially, we’ll be developing systems for rainwater reclamation, including DIY Reverse-Osmosis filters, and open-source UV Water Sterilization devices.